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Learn about the extraordinary history of Coderre Packaging Inc.

One of the largest paper bag manufacturers for the industrial, commercial and food-processing industries since 1930.

  • Bouton en savoir plus1930-1959
    • In 1930, Mr. Josaphat Coderre founded his own company, a recycling company specialized in grains and feed bags. Formerly a vegetable gardener and owner of a dairy farm, he had an idea that was ahead of its time, to recycling used bags.

      In the late 1930s, he purchased a farm on 122nd Street in St-Germain. At that time, his company was expanding and its services were becoming increasingly popular. Mr Coderre used a horse-drawn vehicle to visit his customers, and in the winter, despite the harsh Quebec climate, he carrie out his work with a sleigh pulled by two horses.

      In 1947, the company replaced the horses with an old ambulance. The investment proved to be very profitable because the territory grew and the company expanded. In 1950, the company purchased a new truck and a fisrt sewing machine to repair defective bags.

      In 1959, to ensure the succession of his business, Mr. Coderre decided to sell his company to one of his sons, Rolland. From that time, the company was called JUTE CODERRE & FILS.


  • Bouton en savoir plus1960-1989
    • In the 1960s, the company began manufacturing its own bags. Their durability and excellent quality helped the company differenciate itself from the competition, so much so that in 1968, Jute Coderre & Fils began producing one million juste bags annually. The work was not yet mechanized and therefore more employees had to be hired.

      1970 marked the third expansion of the facilities for a total of 17,000 square feet. In 1975, following the closure of one of its competitors, Rolland Coderre acquired some rare used equipment, for manufacturing and printing polypropylene bags. Based on requests from customers, Mr. Coderre began distributing semi-automatic scales, thread and Fischbein sewing machines. In 1976, to maximize the company’s growing profitability and also for legal reasons, the company was incorporated and took the name of “LES JUTES ROLLAND CODERRE INC.”.

      In the earky 1980s, a new building was built and the company purchased new equipment. The company consequently doubled its revenue. It was even awarded the Industrial Administration Club of Canada trophy for major investments. However, things were about to change, beginning with a series of crises in the paper industry in 1984. In addition, during the night of December 31, 1983, into January 1, 1984, a devasting fire destroyed 98 % of the company’s facilities. A two-unit residence next to the facilities and belonging to Mr. Coderre was used as an offices during the reconstruction.

      Despite these events, the Coderre family never gave up, quite the contrary ! The employees and management worked arm in arm to get the company back on its feet. The company rose from its own ashes, expanded by 8000 sq.ft and added a new production line, namely the manufacturing of paper potatoe bags.

      In 1986, other investments were added, inclunding the construction of a new building, the purchase of a flexographic printer and a first computer system. The company has been a pioneer in environmental protection since 1930 and has always offered its customers recycled bags. Despite the fact it is not particularly profitable to do so, it is nevertheless a priority for the Coderre family.

      The company began distributing industrial Newlong sewing machines for closinf bags. It also began distributing different types of bagging equipments for fruit and vegetables and steel wire basjets used to cllect chopped wood. In 1987, after the new products were introduced, the company felt that its corporate name no longer reflected the company’s image and therefore changed its name to Coderre Packaging Inc.


  • Bouton en savoir plus1990-Today
    • In the 1990s, a flexographic printing machine was purchased to meet the needs of customers looking for customized products. The print quality was much higher than what was available on the market. With this new purchase, it was possible de produce a solid or frour-colour process print on substrates up to 65 inches wide and 6 colours.

      In 1998, to improve its delivery time, the company purchased a machine able to print bags up to 50 lb. In 1999, the company added large wood shabings bags. The equipment could also be used to manufacture bags for collecting leaves. These bags were generally purchased by municipalities to collect leaves in the fall.

      In 2007, Rolland Coderre transferred the managerial responsibilities of the family business to one his sons, Simon, whose professionalism and easy management style was appreciated. At that time, the company had over 75 employees and annual sales of approximately $7 millions. With agreements in place with several developing countries to complement its product range, the company was ready for another major expansion phase.

      In 2012, Simon Coderre bought the business from his father, Rolland. Since then, the company’s growth has been constant and brands such as ESP JEM, INNOTECH,  MYPACKAGINGPLEXPACKUPMATIC and WULFTEC have been added to its already prestigious list of partners. These major brands, in packaging equipment, are renowned for their reliability and robustness.

      For over 80 years, Coderre Packaging Inc. has remained true to its principles. The company’s management is more commited than ever to providing high-quality products and services and also remains committed to sustainable development. In 2012, the company received “SILVER” certification for the highest level of the “ICI ON RECYCLE !” program, the “Performance” level. This program was established by RECYC-QUEBEC, on behalf of the Quebec government.

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