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Why choose us ?

5 good reasons to choose Coderre Packaging :

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Choose the best for your company

Coderre Packaging Inc. is one of the largest paper bag manufacturers for the commercial, industrial and food-processing industries in North-America. Our products are delivered from coast to coast in America, and some of our production is also sold in Europe. Our experienced team is quick to adapt to market trends and developments. Let us manage your packaging projects. We guarantee you will become one of  our many satisfied customers.

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Quality first

In a competitive environment, if you value the quality of your products, you no doubt want to present them in appropriate packaging. With continuous improvement as our top priority, we  maintain a level of product quality that reflects  increasingly demanding market requirements. We have implemented a number of controls that ensure you will receive products of superior quality. In addition, most of our products from the food-family have been certified by the “Canadian Food Inspection Agency” for use in direct contact with food.


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Benefit from our tailored-made products

Coderre Packaging offers customized products and services that are tailored to your needs. Our team’s expertise and creativity will help you to add a touch of creativity to your products, thereby enabling you to generate added values and stand out from your competitors.

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Human values

If you are a Coderre Packaging customer, you are one of our partners and therefore among our most valuable assets. Given that all our partners contribute to our company’s success, we treat them with the utmost respect. As mentioned in our Mission-Vision-Values  statement, we place human values at the highest level of our daily operations.

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An eco-friendly choice

By choosing Coderre Packaging, you are making an eco-friendly choice and indirectly contributing to a greener and healthier world. All our products and operations are based on the fundamentals of sustainable development. Refer to our section on Sustainable Development to learn more about our unwavering commitment in this regard.

Coderre Packaging, The Natural Packing Choice !

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