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For all your packaging needs, Coderre Packaging provides PLEXPACK (EMPLEX) equipment, a wide range of sealing machines equipped with manual, fully automatic and/or semi-automatic systems.

Designed to work 24 hours/day, they minimize the waste of bags by reducing the space between the product and the sealing. All the sealing options are easy to add, making it one of the most versatile machines on the market.

The machines are also equipped with audible and visual alarms used to control temperature, speed and pressure. Several control measures are used to validate the production process. External ports for Type “J” thermocouples also simplify verifications.

Our Equipment division will be pleased to give you all the information you need to ensure you find the best equipment for your company. Contact our Customer Service department for more information.

Some of our most popular EMPLEX models:


MPS 6100 Bag Sealer: Emplex Mps 6100 series band sealers are stand along bag sealers capable of sealing bags up to 2 pounds in weight (on a 8” wide bag, 2 mil bag) without using a conveyor – Rotary-belt sealing – Ideal for very high-quality products – Outstanding reliability – Capacity of 2 lb (8 ” wide, 2 mm thick) – Suitable for all production environments. More details / Voir #1 / Video #2


MPS 6500 Bag Sealer: The MPS 6500 serie is a conveyor and sealing machine, capable of sealing bags of any weight – The 6” wide x 6’ long conveyor comes with a flat belt conveyor and guide rails, adjustable in height. Different types of conveyors are available for applications with extremely heavy loads. More details / Video #1


MPS 6340 Bag sealer: Equipped with standard controls such as audio and visual alarms for heat, speed and pressure, reverse feed motor alarm, external J-Type thermocouple jack – Capable of sealing bags up to 8 ounces in weight. This sealer comes standard with the controls that ensure your production process. Designed for 24/7 operation, this sealers are suitable for all environments. / More details / Video #1 / Video #2


Mps 14000 Bag sealer: The MPS 14000 has been designed to seal every style of pre-made and heat sealable bag on the market. Whether you require a high speed sealer or a machine that can seal heavy duty bags (gusseted, multi-wall, thick laminates, etc.) at production speeds, this equipment can handle the job – Designed for 24/7 operation, these sealers are suitable for all production environments / More details / Video #1 / Video #2

Emplex ACS 62007200Semi-automatic ACS 6200/7200 : The ACS 6200/7200 series are semi-automatic bag sealing systems designed for horizontal and angled sealing applications such as bakery products, hosiery products, paper products, cases, magazines, and more – With five conveyor lengths to choose from, multiple loading stations can be used to achieve the highest production rate possible. The system has been designed to work with manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated loading systems – Optional product compression belts (pictured) are available to compress excess air out of the package prior to sealing / More details / Video #1 / Video #2

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