Newlong: industrial sewing machines

Is your sewing machine giving you a hard time?

Coderre Packaging offers customers “American Newlong” industrial sewing machines, one of the most prestigious brands in the industry.

We provide sales, repair and even a rental service of several Newlong brand equipment, including portable sewing machines with a side handle, which can contain one or two spools of thread. Our industrial sewing machines are ideal for quickly closing bags of different materials such as paper, jute, polypropylene, fabrics, and much more.

Parts and accessories available

All parts and accessories are available. Whether your are looking for a sewing thread, maintenance oil, open suspension, closed suspension, motor, needle, teflon, screw, rubber bushing, cover or other, contact us now, we have the solution that you need.

Our most popular Newlong models

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Newlong NP-7A, product # 51100. Newlong Np-7A is an industrial sewing machine recognized as the best in the world – It is a fully portable machine, with a robust construction and a safety design – This sewing machine has a safety plastic handle for electric insulation – Oil pump lubrication system – High speed revolution 1500-1900 r.p.m – Ideal for closing bags for agricultural products, animal fertilizer, chemicals, flour and more – Thread, spring balancer, replacement parts and other accessories available on request – Fast and efficient repair service – More details | Instruction Manual & Parts list | Vidéo


Newlong DS-9C, product # 52281. The fastest single-needle bag closing machine for all kinds of filled bags – Well-balanced rotational parts ensure very little vibration. Ideally suited for use with high-speed bag filling lines with conveyor speeds of 25 m/min. – Interchangeable with most existing sewing heads – All parts are protected against the effect of dust – Thread break detector, thread lubricator for single-needle and more – More details.

Newlong NP7-HNewlong NP-7H, product #52151. The NP-7H is a side handle type industrial sewing machine. It is designed for continuous use and easy sewing on horizontal surfaces. Suitable for joining two fabrics – Allows sewing many layers at a time or in a thick material. The looper is bigger than other models (double) thus wear slower. The machine grips the material more easily, requiring less effort – Needles: Bigger, therefore more resistant- Small tube: Goes to the lopper and cam allowing constant lubrication – Weight : 5.3 kg (12 lb) with thread – Motor: 60W 50/60Hz, 1-ph. 12V, 24V, 100V, 110V, 220V or 240V – More details.

newlong-np8 / Emballage Coderre PackagingNewlong NP-8, product #51200. Serie Portable Bag closer for filled bag closing – Provides tight closing for heavy jute/hessian bag materials using a double thread chain stitch with one needle and looper – High speed hand held bag closer offers 1,500 -1,600 r.p.m for filled bag closing – Featuring a specially designed shock resistant isolation handle – An automatic oiling system applies lubrication to moving components – Robust construction and safety design – Ideal to close agricultural bags products such as animal fertilizer, chemicals, flour, etc – The double thread chain stitch is appointed by agricultural corp. in several countries – More details.

newlong-a1-pb / Emballage Coderre Packaging IncNewlong A1-PB: Series filled bag closing machine with DS-9C Bag closing head – For paper / poly, jute and woven cloth bags – Equipped with vector drive technology which allows for easy speed matching to existing conveyors – This unique system provides an attractive and consistent finished product and is designed to accommodate both plain sew and crepe-tape bound closures – The “low vibration” filled bag closing machine and bag sewing head represents the highest speed (RPM rated) machine in the “bag closing” industry – This closing system can be used with a range of Newlong conveyors or an existing conveyor. – More details | Video #1 | Video #2.

Our Equipment division will be pleased to give you all the information you need to ensure you find the best equipment for your company.

How to use a sewing machine suspended with a crochet ?

NP- 7A|Instruction Manual & Parts list

Download the brochures for Technical data, Pictures, Accessories and more.

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