DNA Evidence bags

When collecting samples and evidence on a crime scene, the importance of protecting DNA and other objects against accidental contamination is crucial. Any alteration, however slight, could jeopardize the investigators’ work.

Coderre Packaging provides bags for evidence collection and preservation. Theses bags are designed to protect the integrity of the evidence by preserving DNA.

They are the result of  a collaborative effort between Coderre Packaging, the Laboratory of Forensic Science and Forensic Medecine of Montreal and the Sûreté du Québec, carried out in accordance with their criteria and requirements. This products is currently used by dozens of police forces in Canada, including the “Sûreté du Québec”.

Features of our DNA bags:

  • DNA evidence bags that are customizable based on your needs (your logo, colors, etc.)
  • Eco-friendly bag
  • A generic version including a table with pre-printed information is also available
  • Made using moisture-resistant, multi-ply paper
  • High mechanical strength
  • Equipped with a permanent, non-reusable adhesive closure
  • The permeability coefficient helps draw moisture to the outside of the bag
  • Specific measures are taken to prevent accidental contamination of DNA

Plastic bags should not be used for samples conservation because they provide a growth medium for bacteria that may degrade DNA evidence.

Choose the best for your community, be part of the solution !

Here are some of the dimensions currently available: (width x side x height in inches and millimetres).

  • 5″ X 3-3/8″ X 13″                                                127 X 86 X 330
  • 7-3/4″  X 4-7/8″ X 17-3/8″                                197 X 124 X 440
  • 9″ X 4-7/8″ X 24″                                                229 X 124 X 610
  • 12.5″ X 6″ X 26″                                                  318 X 152 X 660
  • 17.5″ X 12-1/2″ X 33″                                        445 X 318 X 838
  • 24″ X 18″ X 48″                                                   610 X 457 X 1,220

*(Other sizes available on request)

You can easily make a submission or order a sample by contacting our Customer Service department, or by filling out the appropriate form on the contact us page.

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