Sustainable development

As early as 1930, Mr. Josaphat Coderre saw recycling as a smart choice and a lifestyle worth adopting. Over the years, the Coderre family has developed and expanded the company and continues to do so today. More than 80 years later, the current managers still carry out the company’s operations with great respect for the environment and for everyone involved.

We know that everything we do has an impact on those around us. That is why we make every effort to determine the impact each new project will have. We have already identified and taken concrete actions to make our current operations even more responsible.

Our action plan

Our sustainable development action plan includes actions regarding our raw materials. We are currently preparing our new responsible procurement policy and procedure, which will be applied immediately upon completion. The documents will outline our procurement guidelines and help us rethink our procedures. Some of this work has already been completed, in particular with regard to transportation.

To reduce the environmental impact of our products at the end of their useful life, we are beginning to implement measures designed to inform consumers about appropriate steps to take in this regard.

Our processes

We have already taken several initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. We analyzed the life cycle of our most representative family of products, which helped us see that even though our operations have a very small impact on the environment, certain aspects could be improved even more. For that reason, we have already launched several projects regarding re-engineering materials used to manufacture our products as well as projects involving our manufacturing processes. Rethinking our methods will also help us save energy.

Recycling – a priority for us

As an eco-friendly company since 1930, all our products and operations are based on the fundamentals of sustainable development.

Over 85% of the residual materials linked to our operations are completely recycled and have been for some years now. We are working tirelessly to increase that percentage.

Sustainable development is central to our corporate mission and our vision, and as such, we take the concerns of all stakeholders into consideration. When it comes to our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as our community, we have planned, and in some cases, implemented initiatives designed to maintain or increase our level of responsibility in their regard.

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