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Coderre Packaging offers customers WULFTEC equipment. A large range of industrial stretch wrappers considered to be the best in the world. Their heavy-duty steel construction and productive efficiencies make the brand a reference in pallet handling.

In addition to promoting its unique patented features and European design, each Wulftec packaging machine is equipped with a variable speed, dual chain carriage lift, “Allen Bradley” PLC for more flexibility and the best warranties available.

Our Equipment division will be pleased to give you all the information you need to ensure you find the best equipment for your company. Contact our Customer Service department for more information.

Our most popular Wulftec models:


Wulftec SMH-150

Wulftec SMH-150: Is equipped with a 51″ octagonal turn-table – 80″ wrap height – 20 “NO-THREAD” – powered pre-stretch carriage. More details. / Vidéo #1. 

sml-200-dualSML-200 DUAL: Is equipped with 2 standard base turn-table of 65″ – 80″ wrap height – Increase productivity with a low-profile dual turntable stretch wrapper – 20 “NO-THREAD” powered pre-stretch carriage. More details. / Vidéo #1.



Wulftec WLMB-250: The hydraulic compression strapping system design facilitates maintenance and operation – Top and side compression – Seamless packaging system. More details. / Vidéo #1.

convoyeursWulftec Conveyors: 5000 lb (2260 kg) capacity conveyor – Easy installation and maintenance –  Adjustable drive system – Synthetic gearbox lubrication – Interchangeable feet to enable different conveyor adjustments. More details. / Vidéo #1.

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