White polyester thread

Is your sewing machine gives you a hard time ? Coderre Packaging offers 12/4 100% polyester white industrial thread for your sewing machine. High-quality, durable thread is available at competitive prices. Due to its high percentage of lubricant, less foam is produced.

Our polyester threads are made from high strength and high quality material.  Strong, elastic and resistant, this product is suitable for applications on lightweight, medium and heavy fabrics.

Used by many of our customers, this product is ideal for everyday use. In addition, our large experience in the textile industry guarantees that we have the solution that your company needs.

Our polyester thread models :

Product #21980 (little spool of thread) : Cones of  ½ lb (0.22 kg) per coil. 12/4 100% polyester thread. Sold by unit, or by box.

Product #21005 (white thread box): This thread box includes 32 little cones of thread #21980.

Product #22006 (big spool of white thread): Cones of 7 kg per coil (15 lb). 12/4 100% polyester. 4 cones / box (approx. 27 kg –  59 lb) – 24 boxes/pallets (approx. 548 kg – 1428 lb) – 5000 – 5200 m of thread by kilo.

For an optimum use, Coderre Packaging also offers a wide range of Newlong portatives and industrial sewing machines – One of the largest and prestigious brands in the industry. Click here to learn more.

Need more information ?

Our Customer Service department will be pleased to give you all the information you need to ensure you have the best polyester thread for your company. Feel free to contact us by visiting our contact us page.

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