Stretch Film

Coderre Packaging Inc. offers its customers Handy Wrap stretch film, a unique and versatile industrial packaging system.

Our hand stretch film will enable to protect your goods, thanks to a resistant and high-quality packaging. This product is ideal for pallets protection and provides a high level of performance. We have a wide range of stretch film, which are available in various sizes.

For an optimum performance, Coderre Packaging also provides its customers with large industrial machineries, such as strapping systems, automatic stretch wrapping machines, automatic rotary arm and / or turntable, conveyors and other packaging equipment used for pallet handling.

This high precision equipment will allow automatic packaging, while generating economies of scale for the medium and long terme.

All our products are available at competitive prices and can be delivered all around the world.

If you can not find the product you are looking for, please contact us today. Our Customer Service department will be pleased to give you all the information you may need to ensure you find the best products for your company.

At Coderre Packaging, we have the solution that you need.

Choose the best for your company, choose the natural packing choice since 1930.

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