Upmatic: bag weighing, filling and closing machines

Coderre Packaging offers customers a range of Upmatic equipment. Made in Germany, this brand offer includes a wide range of packaging equipment designed for products such as onions, potatoes, carrots, nuts, Brussels sprouts, candy, frozen products, etc.

Recognized worldwide for its high-quality and speed, Upmatic equipment is fully automatic and computer-controlled. It can be combined with most common weighing and dosing equipment on the market. Weight tolerances can also be reduced to less than 1%. Possibility of remote maintenance with network connection (offered as an option).

Our Equipments division will be pleased to give you all the information you need to ensure you find the best equipment for your company. Contact our Customer Service department for more information.

Our most popular Upmatic equipment:

up 2112

2112 Upmatic bagger is equipped with a printer and connected to a touch screen – Capacity of 24 tons per hour (in packs of 25 kg) – Bag size from 0.5 – 25 kg (weighing without loss) – Double cover collecting system – Can supply 2 machines at the same time (a rate of 60 cycles per min. is possible) – A collecting belt feeds the batch to the appropriate filling and sealing machines. Two vibrating plates ensure that the product is uniformly spread. More details here.

UPMATIC 2112DVThe Upmatic 2112-DV convinces by her solid construction and offers high precision and speed. A feed belt conveys the product to the distributor system. This equipment can be combined with all current filling and sealing equipment on the market. Upmann also supplies the associated feed belts as well as processing equipment to compensate its high weighing capacity and packaging lines. More details here.

up 25152515 Upmatic bagger is new on the market – Can be moveable without use of any working tools – Bag size from 0.5 – 5 kg (weighing without loss) – Weighing buckets have been specially designed for low-power version of the machine – The weighing components are easily accessible for cleaning – Rate of approx. 70 bags/min. – Two vibrating channels in stainless steel (parts in direct contact with product) – Computer weigher with magnetic drive – Platform with catwalk – Surface with wood plates. More details here.

up 4110

4110 Upmatic bagger is extremely reliable and easy to use – Fully automatic – An industrial sewing machine, a storage belt system and a vacuum pump are supplied as standard equipment – Storage chamber for approx. 300 bags – Rate: Pack from 1 to 2 kg, approx. 20 cycles/min. – Pack from 2.5 to 5 kg, approx. 18 cycles/min. – Pack from 10 to 15 kg, approx. 15 cycles/min. More details here.

up 4125

4125 Upmatic bagger – Fully-automatic filling and closing machine for paper bags – With or without handle – Storage chamber for approx. 300 bags – “Photo-eye” technology – Three vibrating hoppers (without sewing head) – Bag size from 5 – 25 kg (weighing without loss) – Capacity: Pack of 5 kg, approx. 18 cycles/min. – Pack of 10 kg, approx. 18 cycles/min. – Pack of 15 kg: approx. 16 cycle/min. – Pack of 20 kg: approx. 15 cycles/min. More details here.

up 4210

4210 Upmatic bagger: Extremely reliable and easy to use – Once full, the bag is pneumatically closed, sewn up and conveyed – All adjustments to different bag sizes can easily be carried out without tools – An industrial sewing machine, a storage belt system and a vacuum pump are supplied as standard equipment – Storage chamber for approx. 300 bags – The bagging apparatus is pneumatic, filling and vibration are simultaneous and the product is well spread in the bag. More details here / Watch the video.

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