Wood shavings bags

Coderre Packaging Inc. is pleased to provide wood shavings bags for several decades. Made with kraft paper, our wood shavings bags are rectangular bags that can stand upright and have a very easy filling system. Their ultra-resistant quality will allow very good product conservation.

It is a gusseted bag with a square bottom that is open at the top for filling purposes. The bag can be closed using the closing method of your choice.

Specifications of the bag

  • Flat bottom provides additional printable area
  • It’s square shape allows for easy stacking
  • Bag stands up easily during filling
  • Available in paper or in a combination of paper and polypropylene.
  • Anti-slip coating (optional)
  • Eco-friendly kraft paper bag
  • We strenght
  • Much more features

Applications of the bag

  • Very popular in small formats
  • The large formats (multi-wall version) are frequently used as bale-bags to hold several smaller formats
  • The small formats (single-wall version) are frequently used for leaves and garden waste.

Need further information ?

Our Customer Service department will be pleased to give you all the information you need to ensure you findthe best wood shavings bags for your company.

Choose the best for your company, choose Coderre Packaging Inc.

The natural packing choice since 1930.


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