INNOTECH: Bagmakers and closing machines

Coderre Packaging provides its customers with REVO equipment, a complete range of industrial INNOTECH bagging products. Bag makers and closing machines, the worry-free approach for all your bagging operations.

The REVO generation of products includes powerful, flexible and innovative equipment that is perfectly suitable to customers’ most demanding needs. This equipment  will ensure you pack your plastic bags with confidence. The new control solutions and modular structure means the machine can adapt to any task.

Efficient, Flexible and Modular

This equipment can be used for special designs and VFFS bags (the Vertical, Form, Fill and Seal bagging system). Everytime the optimal price-performance ration.

Revo advantages and features :

  • Ideal for the production of high-quality, top-performing plastic bags
  • Ideal for the execution of the most complex tasks
  • Equipped with the “VFFS” series
  • Securely sealed bags because of high jaw pressure
  • Can be synchronized with dosing unit without loss of speed
  • B&R-IPC (automatic system movement)
  • Variable body height
  • Low wear and tear achieved by directly flanged drives
  • Automatic film tracking, vibration-free guarantee and quiet operation even at high speeds
  • Problem-free intermittent system movement possible

Our most popular INNOTECH models


Revo / Emballage Coderre packaging / InnotechREVO: Sealing machines for most of the common Vffs (Vertical de type Form, Fill et Seal ) bags – Lowest wear tear sealing system – Heat seal tools, continuous heat seal tools and impulse sealing tools applicable, Ultrasonic available as an option – depending on the requirements and film quality – Safety sealed seams welded by high pressure – programmable opening width – Flexible frame height through consequent modular design – Backup with USB stick, data transfer by memory card or Ethernet – Easy access to frame thanks to a big removable cover plates – All REVO-systems have extreme low wear and tear. / More details.

Revo IQ / Innotech / Emballage Coderre Packaing Inc.REVO IQ: industrial sealer considered as the basic model for a variety of applications – All advantages and features of the REVO type range – Easiest handling through integrated touch screen (available in various sizes) and Siemens-compatible SPS-operator guide – Memory capacity for 20 individual programs respectively receipts – Fault diagnostics – Easy to maintain, low wear and tear and reliable by design with generously sized drives, shafts and bearings – Easily expendable. / More details.

Revo S / Emballage Coderre Packaging / InnotechREVO S: The continuous motion bagmaker for high performance – All advantages and features of the REVO type range – Ideal for the production of high quality vffs-bags with highest performance – Synchronization with dosing units without loss of speed is possible – B&R-IPC (MOTION system) – Guaranteed smooth, vibration-free and silent running even at high speed – Intermittent motion system possible without problems. / More details./ Watch the video.

Current bag types

  • Pillow shape bag
  • Gusseted bag
  • Chain type bag
  • Pillow shape bags with euro hole
  • Pillow shape bag with suspension hole
  • Pillow shape bags with clip or twist closure
  • Flat-bottom bag
  • Flat-bottom bag with grooved edges
  • Flat-bottom bag with edge sealing
  • Flat-bottom bag with carrying handle
  • Flat-bottom bag with 3 hole carrying handle
  • Flat-bottom bag with attached cardboard label
  • Flat-top block bottom bag (folded once)
  • Flat-top block bottom bag (folded twice)

Our Equipment division will be pleased to give you all the informations you need to ensure you find the best equipment for your company. Contact our Customer Service department for more information.

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