Kwik Lok: Industrial bag closing equipment for plastic bags

Coderre Packaging offers  Kwik Lok products, as they are the global leader in package closures.

Kwik Lok Corporation is the originator of the first all-plastic bag closure. Bag closing is their business, their only business. The company has grown from its small beginning to a multinational company with six world-wide production plants. They offer bag closures, bag closing equipment, labels and printing solutions for just about all bagged packages.

Parts and accessories available

All Kwik Lok parts and accessories are available upon request. Whether your are looking for bag closures (loks), bag closing equipment, printing solutions for your closures or service and maintenance, contact us now, we have the solution that you need.

Our most popular Kwik Lok models


Kwik Lok 865 The 865 closes packages at speeds up to 80 bags per minute. The machine uses the all-plastic closure and closure-labels. The 865 will close any package width without adjustment – package width limitations are dependent on lok opening size, not the gearing of the machine. The machine will adapt to most automatic baggers on the market.

The 865 incorporates all of Kwik Lok’s latest design and quality features, assuring you a long lasting machine with minimal maintenance cost. – More details | Instruction Manual & Parts list

Kwik Lok 086B The 086B Semiautomatic Bag Closing System is a versatile machine that offers a wide variety of options. The machine will close bags with the all-plastic closure and closure-labels. The 086B is also available with a printer that will print code information on the closure and/or closure-label. Featured is a power breakoff and closure advance mechanism. The simple design of the 086B is portable, jam-proof and compact, and can close bagged packages up to 30 bags per minute. – More details  | Instruction Manual & Parts list

Kwik Lok 904C The printer Kwik Lok® 904C VIAjetTM 865 is designed to be attached to the Kwik Lok® 865 Automatic Bag Closing Machine. The printer utilizes the VIAjetTM L12 Series built by Matthews Marking SystemsTM and is a programmable thermal ink jet printer. Not available for 865AS (stainless) machine. – More details

Our Equipment division will be pleased to give you all the information you need to ensure you find the best equipment for your company.

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