Coderre Packaging provides its customers with industrial floor scales, which are entirely portable and digital. We have several types of high precision floor scales, with weight capacity adapted to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a computing scale, an automatic/manual scale or any other industrial floor scales, you can make sure we have the solution that you need. Our wide range of floor scales will not leave you indifferent.

Most of our floor scales are suitable with different commercial industries and are equipped with every standard functions such as zeroing, counting quantities, weight conversion (lbs – kg), and much more.

Several new and used models available

Some of our most popular floor scales:

Code #30066 | Electronic and digital floor scale – DCP-30KPortative floor scale, entirely electronic and digital. It is very light and easy to use. Weight capacity up to 30 kg / approx. 66 lbs – Voltage 110-220 V Now on Liquidation!

Code #30064 | Balance Gold brand SP-901: The Sp-901 industrial floor scale has a weight capacity of 50 kg / 100 lbs max. Commonly used for the goods weighing before shipping.

Code #100801 | S-2000 Computing scale : S-2000 is a counter weight scale / legal for trade. It is ideally suited for commercial goods with a weight capacity of 15 kg / approx. 33 lbs – Precision of 5 g. It is equipped with a one-touch conversion (lbs – kg) and can be used for counting and quantity checking. This all-purpose electronic scale has a removable stainless steel platform for quick and easy cleaning. Now on Liquidation!

If you can not find the floor scale you are looking for, please contact us today, one of our technician will be please to help you.

Whether you are located in Montreal or wherever else, we guarantee outstanding delivery service.

For all your industrial floor scales needs, trust Coderre Packaging Inc.

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