Coderre Packaging, from 1930 to now

Article published on : August 13, 2014

Founded in 1930 by Josaphat Coderre, Coderre Packaging began as a recycling company.

At that time, Mr Coderre was buying used bags to local farms, then he cleaned them, repaired them (if needed), classified them by sizes before reselling them in feed mills. He had an idea that was ahead of its time, to recycling used bags.

This idea caught on and therefore the company started its operations. The whole family was very involved, including the youngest children. Every free time was dedicated for cleaning, mending and filing. The job was done manually.

In the late 1930s, he purchased a farm on 122nd Street in St-Germain. At that time, his company was expanding and its services were becoming increasingly popular. Mr Coderre used a horse-drawn vehicle to visit his customers, and in the winter, despite the harsh Quebec climate, he carried out his work with a sleigh pulled by two horses.

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