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From our packaging quality, to our market export, find right here answers to your most popular questions.

If the questions and/or answers you are looking for are not included in this list, please contact our Customer Service department or fill out the appropriate form  on the Contact us page.

  • Q : Do you offer a delivery service ?
    • A : Yes, we deliver our products all over the world.
  • Q : Do you export to foreign countries ?
    • A : Yes, our market is mainly located in Quebec and in the other Canadian provinces, but we also export a sizeable proportion of our sales to the U.S.A and Europe.
  • Q : Is there a minimum order quantity ?
    • A : Yes, our Customer Service department will be pleased to give you more information in this regard.
  • Q: Do you provide repair and maintenance of your equipment?
    • A: Yes, our division equipment members are available for all needs in acquisition, repair, maintenance, installation and after sales service of bagging equipment.
  • Q : Can your potato bags be recycled for a different purpose after they have been used ?
    • A : After using our potato bags, the customer can remove the plastic netting and recycle them. What remains in the bag is only kraft paper, which can be recycled and composted.
  • Q : Can we help you create a bag that stands out from your competitors ?
    • A : Yes, our creative team will be happy to give you tips about how to stand out from your competitors and find a bag that will make a difference.
  • Q : How can you stay informed of our promotions ?
    • A : By regularly consulting our website or our Facebook fan page. You can also be notified of our discounts by fax and/or e-mail.
  • Q : Why are we "The Natural Packing Choice" ?
    • A : Our company began as a recycling company in 1930. In the interest of protecting the environment, and in accordance with our sustainable development policy, we provide packaging solutions based on processes and materials that have the least possible impact on our planet. Please visit our “Sustainable Development“ page to learn more about this topic.
  • Q : How can I make sure nobody will steal my bag design ?
    • A : If required, Coderre Packaging designs a unique bag for every customer. Note, however, that it is the responsibility of each customer to initiate the required legal actions with the competent authorities regarding product patenting and protection. Coderre Packaging Inc. can in no way be held responsible for any imitation or theft of your bag concept.
  • Q : Why do paper potato bags provide better product conservation ?
    • A : Because they control the internal moisture level and also because the potato is a plant that does not support light. That is why paper bags offer optimal protection.
  • Q : Are your products approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ?
    • A : Yes, most of our products have already been approved by the C.F.I.A and many others will soon receive C.F.I.A approval. However, if your are concerned about a particular product, we recommend that you contact us or visit the C.F.I.A web-site.

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